A peaceful place for staying

B&B De Potyze is a beautifully restored farmhouse where Paul and Mimi welcome you in a pool of peace. It is located in the former garden of a castle owned by the noble family Mergelync.

During World War One the castle itself was located right in the battlefield and used by the British as an observation point. During the Second Battle of Ypres, it even became headquarters of the 27th Division under the command of Major-General D’Oyly Snow. The British soldiers named the place "Pagoda Corner", after the pavilion build  in oriental style. Sir Mergelync, who was the secretary of a Belgian mission to China, had it built to treasure his Chinese souvenirs.

The aristocratic garden clearly caught the imagination of the soldiers who called the road to the garden ‘Paradise Alley’. During the war the castle was completely destroyed by the many shootings and not rebuilt. As a tribute to this history we called our two rooms Pagoda Corner and Paradise Alley.